Find the Right Real Estate Agent by Asking These 6 Questions
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Find the Right Real Estate Agent by Asking These 6 Questions
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Securing the services of an adept property agent is pivotal for optimizing your real estate transaction, be it a purchase or sale. The formulation of pertinent questions during your initial meeting is instrumental in discerning the most suitable professional for your needs. Here are essential queries to pose to a property agent before committing to an exclusive agreement:

  1. Could you please show me your real estate agent license?

At the outset, it is imperative to confirm the registration status of your real estate agent with the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA). Verification of their licensing information on the CEA’s Public Register is a prudent step, including scrutiny of their transaction records and potential black marks on their professional record.

Furthermore, adherence to regulatory standards necessitates that all real estate agents prominently display their estate agent cards during the execution of their duties, often worn on a lanyard. This serves the purpose of unequivocally identifying them as registered salespersons, thereby precluding the engagement of unregistered individuals in illegitimate estate agency practices.

In instances where seasoned agents delegate property viewings to associates due to scheduling constraints, it is imperative that these representatives also possess a valid estate agent card and maintain proper registration with the CEA. This stringent adherence to regulatory protocols ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the real estate engagement.

  1. Who will be managing my transaction—you or a colleague?

When a real estate agent deems it necessary to delegate your transaction to a colleague or associate, it is imperative to recognize that such decisions are primarily driven by scheduling constraints rather than a lack of competency on the part of the designated representative. This delegation is a pragmatic measure to ensure the seamless management of your transaction by an equally proficient agent.

While this practice is not inherently cause for concern, we advocate for a judicious approach. To fortify your confidence in the reassigned property agent, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research, commencing with an examination of their licensing status on the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) Public Register.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Timeline strategy, elaborated upon in the subsequent point, serves as an additional methodology to bolster your assurance of the integrity of the transaction.

  1. Would you be able to create a timeframe for the sale of my HDB?

This question holds particular significance, especially when navigating concurrent buying and selling transactions. It serves as a pivotal tool for financial planning, aiding in the meticulous scheduling and logistical orchestration of both the transition out of the current residence and the move into the new one.

Individuals with limited experience may find themselves momentarily flustered by such a request. Meanwhile, seasoned professionals adeptly produce a templated timeline, seamlessly integrating your particulars into each stage of the process. Their proficiency extends to detailed explanations of the multifaceted stages involved in transactions like selling an HDB flat. This includes comprehensive insights into requisite documentation, accompanied by an in-depth analysis of anticipated cash proceeds. Such assessments factor in various elements such as stamp duties, legal costs, and additional fees, providing a comprehensive understanding for informed decision-making.

  1. How would you advertise my property?

Ensure your property shines in the market! When quizzing your agent on their approach, go beyond experience – delve into their marketing tactics. Freelance or not, Ohmyhome's team of pros works dedicatedly, elevating your listing on top property platforms for optimal exposure and the best deal.

To scrutinize an agent's track record, hit the CEA website. Trust the CEA Registration Number on their card for precise transaction insights, cutting through potential multiple mobile number confusion.

Dig into lead filtration tactics. A savvy agent sifts through leads, confirming documentation, employment status, and financial approval. This diligence ensures smooth transactions. With an inexperienced agent, you risk wasting time and resources on unqualified buyers. Be thorough, and secure the right deal!

  1. What is your commission amount? 

Commission clarity is crucial! While commissions are negotiable, there's a standard market rate to consider:

Selling HDB: 2%

Buying HDB: 1%

Selling Private Property: 2%

Buying Private Property: Typically no charge; commission split with the seller's agent

Note: GST applies for transactions involving GST-registered estate agents.

Before engaging an agent, agree on the commission amount. Balance what you're willing to pay, market rates, and your agent's worth. Some offer extras like video tours, killer marketing, or extensive experience, making them worth the standard commission. Freelance agents might hold firm on market rates unless they foresee a quick sale. Strike the right balance for a fair deal!

  1. Do you work full- or part-time?

Full-time or part-time matters! It may seem personal, but it's pivotal. A part-time agent, especially one juggling another job, might not offer the same level of service as a full-timer. You wouldn't want a part-time pilot for your flight or a part-time surgeon in the operating room. Opt for a full-time agent – they bring experience, commitment, and round-the-clock availability to do justice to your property deal.

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