Bizlink Division: Expertise in Commercial & Industrial Property Transactions: Bizlink specializes in the sales, purchase, lease, and management of commercial properties, including offices, retail spaces, and industrial properties (JTC/URA). Our division is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of the built environment and supports corporate clients in enbloc property transactions.

Our comprehensive services include strategic asset management, environmental sustainability consultancy, and transaction support designed to enhance operational efficiency and corporate responsibility.

Mr. Mark Lee, the Group's Head of Department with over 25 years of industry experience, leads our commercial and industrial team. He noted, "Our team has been highly active in facilitating whole building transactions and ongoing enbloc processes. MindLink Groups has seen a significant increase in inquiries from both local and international clients looking to secure larger spaces for business expansion and relocation. Between 2020 and 2023 alone, we successfully transacted 117 industrial properties, including sales and leases, in Singapore.

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Choosing the appropriate Property Management Company can either be a smooth journey or turn into a nightmare for an estate. Mindlink Groups, a licensed and accredited Estate Agent registered with the Singapore government agency since 2001, stands as a reputable and esteemed firm you can confidently rely on. As an Appointed Managing Agent (MA), we undertake the comprehensive management of all operational matters concerning the building, including:
1. Enforcing warranties on building materials and workmanship.
2. Maintaining a thorough record of essential documents and inventories.
3. Ensuring the validity of compliance certificates and licenses in accordance with the BMSMA ACT.
4. Conducting regular and systematic physical inspections of the estate while keeping detailed records.