Mindlink Property Management Services is defintely worth a weight for property owners, council members or MCST to entrust their estate with us knowingly, it will be all taken care off. An trustable and reputable Singapore company 'Mindlink groups' which had built over times. Estate officers are equippied with local knowledge and well verse in BMSMA Act who always act in best interest for council while managing.  Scope of services can be customised to meet client specific needs from the lowest service to managing the entire portfolio. Advising on issues such as cost containment, industry benchmarking and best practices, and help estate owners to meet their objectives with our value-added services and solutions.


Choosing the right Property Managing Company can be smooth sailing or becoming an estate's worst nightmare.

Mindlink Groups, An Accredited licensed Estate Agent registered with Singapore government agency since 2001, A respectable renowned firm that you can simply set your mind on.

As an Appointed MA, we will manage all building operational issues, which include;

Enforcing all warranties on building materials / workmanship. 

Record-keeping of all essential documents and inventories. 

Maintaining the validity of compliance certificates and licenses as mandated by the BMSMA ACT.

Conducting and recording regular physical inspections of the Estate.