Condo Landlord Duties: What to Know
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Condo Landlord Duties: What to Know
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Okay, imagine this: In those lease agreements, they've got all the rules for landlords and tenants. You break 'em, and it's like opening Pandora's box of problems for both sides. So, best to stick to the script and avoid any lease drama!

Tenancy Basic Agreements

Know the lease rules! They spell out your rights and jobs. These rules keep both sides safe if things go south and the contract ends.

Tenants, you've got your part too, like paying rent on time and not passing on the lease. But landlords, it's on you to make the rules crystal clear. And remember, don't play games with those terms. Like, if you rent a shop, don't block customers from coming in!

Here are the 5 key responsibilities for landlords to remember:

  1. Tenant Verification: Check the tenant's identity and immigration status to ensure they can legally stay in the country.

  1. Stamp Duty: Pay the stamp duty within 14 days of signing the tenancy agreement.

  1. Verify Agent: Make sure your property agent is registered with the Council for Estate Agencies to avoid scams.

  1. Repair Costs: Clearly define repair costs in the contract, including tenant responsibilities for damages.

  1. Maintenance Fees: Determine who's responsible for condo maintenance fees or HDB conservancy charges in the agreement.

FAQs on Landlord Duties:

  1. Property Entry: Landlords can't enter without notice or permission from tenants.

  1. Viewings: Most agreements require 24-48 hours' notice for property viewings.

  1. Repairs: Tenants usually shouldn't attempt repairs without written approval from the landlord.

  1. Changing Terms: Landlords can't change the terms once the agreement is signed.

  1. Cameras: Landlords should inform tenants about surveillance equipment, except for external cameras.

  1. Hazardous Materials: Don't accept requests to store illegal or dangerous items.

  1. Lockouts: Landlords can't lock tenants out during a valid tenancy.

  1. Furniture: Ensure the inventory list is clear on what's included in the rental.

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