Linda Ho

Chief Operational officer (COO)

Linda Ho is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background encompassing sales, operations, and leadership. Armed with extensive corporate sector experience, Linda has consistently showcased her prowess in driving business growth and nurturing robust relationships with clients and partners.

Currently holding the position of Chief Operating Officer at Mindlink Group, Linda is entrusted with overseeing the company's global sales and operations. Her role involves managing sales endeavors and ensuring the provision of exceptional service and support across all the markets and countries where the company has a presence. Linda, with her astute strategic vision and commitment to operational efficiency, plays a crucial role in shaping the company's trajectory and ensuring its agility in a dynamic market landscape.

Before joining Mindlink Group, Linda served as the Assistant Director of Corporate Leadership in the tourism industry for two decades. In this role, she was responsible for procuring and managing travel industry products for multinational corporations worldwide. Leveraging her deep understanding of the industry, along with her customer-centric sales approach, she forged strong partnerships and provided tailor-made solutions to cater to her clients' unique requirements.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Linda is an avid traveler, constantly seeking new adventures and experiences. She delights in immersing herself in various cultures and diverse environments. Additionally, Linda is passionate about bowling, finding it to be an exciting and rewarding recreational activity. She enjoys the friendly competition and camaraderie it fosters among players.

Linda's warm and approachable demeanor extends beyond the corporate setting. She finds immense joy in meeting new people and engaging in meaningful conversations, often over a cup of coffee. Her genuine interest in others and her ability to connect on a personal level have significantly contributed to her success in building robust networks and nurturing enduring relationships.

With her extensive experience, exceptional leadership skills, and enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities, Linda Ho continues to leave a lasting mark in the corporate realm. Her unwavering dedication to driving growth, fostering relationships, and embracing novel experiences distinguishes her as a dynamic and well-rounded professional.

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