Real-Link Division: Innovative and Bespoke Services for the Luxury Segment

The Real-Link Division caters to the luxury segment, providing personalized services for consumers who seek exceptional experiences and exclusive products. These clients value quality over quantity and prefer a more tailored approach throughout the entire transaction process.

Our Real-Link Division serves affluent sellers, including those with HDBs, condos, and landed homes. Services include comprehensive market analysis, bespoke marketing strategies, and privileged consultation experiences to ensure seamless transactions and exceptional client satisfaction.

Innovative in our approach, our modern and bespoke model empowers us to embrace opportunities and cut through the red tape to make qualitative decisions. This freedom inspires us to do things differently and ever better.

Selling Your Property

Selling property necessitates thorough preparation. A Mindlink Salesperson provides advice on streamlining the process to minimize stress.

Buying Your Property

Purchasing property requires a blend of consideration, time, understanding, and planning. A Mindlink Salesperson offers valuable tips to help alleviate stress during this process.

Leasing Your Property

Renting property demands careful attention. A Mindlink Salesperson provides tips on how to simplify the process and minimize stress.


Mindlink Sales and Leasing services always align with the evolving needs and desires of our clients. Our commitment is to deliver extensive sales and leasing solutions to a diverse clientele, including multinational corporations, developers, property owners, and government entities. Our team is composed of highly skilled marketing consultants with a wealth of experience, strong client endorsements, and a proven track record accumulated over years of involvement in property transactions. They are driven and work cohesively to achieve impressive sales results while upholding values and integrity. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a corporate investor, Mindlink Groups is well-equipped to assist all clients in making informed and optimal decisions.



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