Our Commitment to Being #ThePeoplesAgency

At Mindlink groups, we proudly embrace the identity of #ThePeoplesAgency. Our mission is to prioritize the needs and aspirations of our clients, agents, and community. We believe in providing personalized, top-quality service that truly reflects our dedication to your success.

For Our Clients: 

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs, whether you're looking to sell, buy, or lease property. Our economic scale of fees ensures you receive the best value without compromising on quality. We are committed to guiding you through every step of your real estate journey with transparency and integrity.

For Our Salesperson:

We understand that our agents are the backbone of our agency. That's why we offer competitive commission structures, including up to 90/10% for new agents and 50/50% for team leaders, along with comprehensive guidance and mentorship. We provide a nurturing environment where you can grow your career and achieve your full potential.

For Our Community:

We strive to be more than just a real estate agency. We are a part of the community, dedicated to making a positive impact through our actions and initiatives. Our internship programs and training opportunities reflect our commitment to fostering new talent and giving back to the community.

Being #ThePeoplesAgency means putting people first. It's about building lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual success. We are here for you, every step of the way.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can achieve great things.

Chow Yi Tong, KEO Global-Link

Founder and Chief Visionary, Chow Yi Tong, is the driving force behind the company. He enjoys keeping busy by actively participating in the development of department systems, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Mark Lee, HOD Biz-Link

Mark has over 27 years of experience in business management, commercial and industrial real estate consulting, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration.

CK Tan, HOD Co-Space

CK Tan is one of those iconic individuals who can truly say they love what they do. He mentors over 20 co-living operators and oversees a community of hundreds of accommodation spaces in Singapore.

Linda Oh, HOD Real-Link

Linda leads a division and has been instrumental in building strong relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace. She is determined to drive success, leveraging her professional expertise to elevate the company to the next level.

Preston Soon, HOD ECOlink

Preston loves taking on challenges and brings over 23 years of extensive experience in the financial industry, with notable roles at Swiss Bank Corporation, UBS Warburg, and Maybank Securities. He is recognized for his expertise in the real estate sector and is a staunch advocate of fixed-fee brokerage.

A Video that fuel our passion and dedication to our work

The management team at Mindlink is driven by a deep-rooted passion for real estate

Our legacy is to build #ThePeoplesAgency