Linda Ho

Associate Director

As the chief operating officer of Mindlink Group, Linda oversaw the company's global sales and operations, managing sales activities and providing service and support across all markets and countries. Additionally, she played a pivotal role in developing strategic leaders and cultivating relationships to ensure the company's flexibility in response to the ever-evolving market.

Before joining Mindlink Group, Linda worked as a vice president of corporate leadership in the tourism industry, where she was responsible for procuring and managing all travel industry products for multinational corporations worldwide.

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Singapore's most notable real estate agents 2022

Since joining Mindlink Groups in 2021, Linda Ho has found favour in controlling overhead expenses as a full-time property salesperson. She has been a consistent producer, with a majority of has sales attributed to new and resale development. There, she is empowered to provide valuable market insights to her clientele. The company has revolutionised the industry's overriding remuneration through its innovations.

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