Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Mr Dennis Lim 


Our Management is thrilled to have Mr Dennis whom joining us in July 2023. His extensive expertise and skills will undoubtedly elevate our company to new heights. His presence will be a valuable asset, and we are excited about the positive impact Mr Dennis will bring to our organization. Together, we will achieve remarkable milestones and foster a successful future.

Mr. Dennis Lim is a father of two, residing happily in a beautiful landed housing area in Seletar, Singapore. He holds a distinguished degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and has made remarkable contributions during his time at the university. Notably, Mr. Lim served as the 13th President of the Faculty Club within the NUS Students' Union, showcasing his leadership skills and dedication to student welfare.

With a wealth of business experience, Mr. Lim's professional journey includes a significant period in China from 2002 to 2015. During this time, he immersed himself in the Chinese business landscape, gaining valuable insights and building a solid foundation in the industry. In 2006, he established his own business after successfully completing government bonds. However, due to family commitments, he later transitioned to a career as a property agent in 2015.

In his role as a property agent, Mr. Lim has demonstrated a genuine passion for helping individuals make informed decisions about their real estate investments. Since then, he has actively showcased his expertise by providing valuable advice through various channels. In 2021, Mr. Lim further enhanced his skill set by completing the BCG-Rise Digital Marketing 6-month program, expanding his knowledge in digital marketing strategies.

Dedicated to empowering others, Mr. Dennis Lim started creating original videos based on real case encounters. Through these videos, he strives to educate and equip viewers with the necessary knowledge to make better decisions in the realm of real estate. This commitment to sharing his expertise has earned him recognition and praise. Notably, he was recently acknowledged as one of the top three real estate agents in Kallang in 2023 by

With his extensive business background, leadership experience, and expertise in real estate, Mr. Dennis Lim continues to excel as a trusted advisor, guiding clients towards successful property transactions. His academic achievements from NUS Business School, coupled with his entrepreneurial journey, contribute to his well-rounded approach in providing exceptional service to his clients.


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